April 29, 2011

People Do Not Like Your Website? Here The Answer.

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Are you confuse why your website lack of visitors? There are so many reasons why people reluctant to visit your website. According to SEO Expert, Nick Stamoulis, there are 10 reason why people do not visit your website.

  1. Too Many Ads: Do not covering the entire website with ads because it is not make you successful. 
  2. Poor Load Time: Visitors will never visit back your website because your website have poor loading time. 
  3. Poor Graphics: Your graphics need to appeal to your audience and if yours do not you might get people leaving your website fairly quickly. 
  4. Confusing Layout: Your website needs to lead your traffic down a path and a confusing layout might turn them off or really confuse them.
  5. Poor Navigation: Your website navigation should be laid out thoroughly and in a fashion that is not confusing to your audience. 
  6. Too Much SEO: Nobody wants to view a website that has more links than content so make sure that it is first readable by your audience before you SEO it to death. 
  7. No Blog: Believe it or not there are certain people that will not engage with your website if it doesn’t have a blog. 
  8. Lack of Contact Info: Visible contact info is something that allows website visitors to feel warm and fuzzy in order to make further contact with your company. 
  9. Broken Links: Always make sure that the links on your website are working and not broken. People really don’t like clicking on links that lead them to nowhere. 
  10. Lack of Information: Your website should have the proper information to answer any of your website visitor’s questions. A lack of information could cause them to go elsewhere. 
So, if you don't want people hate your website just concern about the 10  Nick Stamoulis reasons. Thank you.

Source: Nick Stamoulis Article


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